The Zipper Club

  I am now a member of that club. Yep. Triple bypass. No stents, either. *sigh*  Now I know I’m getting old. Also found out I am diabetic and have a touch of emphysema. Thing is, it didn’t feel like a classic heart attack.
  Ever have bronchitis? For some reason it felt like that to me, between the shoulder blades. I went to Brookhaven Memorial in Patchogue, NY first because I didn’t feel good. They did a bunch of tests, the last one being a stress test – the one where they inject dye into you then give you something to make your heart think its hard at work. That test never happened. I started with the pains in my back again so the doc said he was going to do a catherization. All 3 arteries in the bottom of the heart were “more than 70% clogged.” He said he couldn’t do it at Brookhaven, I’d have to go to Stony Brook. Nice man, I don’t recall his name. 😦
  So, an ambulance ride to Stony Brook later and more tests.  No stents, veins out of my right thigh. Surgery (on 7/14)was uneventful, worst part about it was the breathing tube that goes down your throat during the procedure. The next two weeks -til August first – I had 2 then 1 tube in my chest, then 1 put in in a different spot. Had a  bout of ‘sub-cutaneous air’ in my neck/ face. All in all I was relatively pain free. Of course the oxycotin and oxy codone didn’t hurt, either. 😀
They cut me loose on 7/30/14 to a place called TLC on Park Avenue in Huntington, NY. A homeless shelter with a lot of mentally damaged people.


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Ain't much to tell. I turned 55 in August.
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22 Responses to The Zipper Club

  1. Moontan says:

    Damn, brother. Hate to hear that. But it sounds as if all will be well. I certainly hope so. All the best to you!

  2. kimmzifoo says:

    I’m so sorry you’re going through so much. But I’m glad they fixed you up – I just wish the US Government were better at looking after those who need it most.
    I take it you’re still lugging your stuff all around with you until they let you in the shelter, then?

    • h82typ says:

      No, Kim, I’m not I got emergency housing. 1 room mate, 8 guys to a house and all my stuff can stay home when I go to my Social Services or doctors appointments. This place is a tad more stable than the other place. 🙂 Thanks for being concerned, though. How you doing?

  3. Furie says:

    Bloody hell, that’s ridiculously rough. I hope you and your brother get yourselves well and sorted out soon. My thoughts, for what little they’re worth, are with you.

    • h82typ says:

      Just to let you all know, the last few days in the hospital were funny. I stopped the pain pills, let a nursing assistant practice putting iv’s in my arm/hand, joked with the radiology people ( one night when they set up for my chest x-ray I stuck my tongue out at the camera – even though the plate was behind me. The next night I made “T. Rex” arms at them.
      That’s where you take your hands and put them by your armpits then open and close them like crab claws.)
      The radiologists all said it was time for me to go home, i was getting stir crazy, or just crazy.

      • Furie says:

        And now you’re Crazy X-Ray Dude, saviour/thief of the radiology departments sanity.

      • h82typ says:

        Yeah, well, that wasn’t as nearly as dramatic as when I went out the fire door to the first landing. Then I ran up the steps and back through the fire door. Apparently, the telemetry doesn’t work vertically. The nurses were decidedly unhappy with me… :whistle: I thought they were going to restrain me!

    • h82typ says:

      Thanks, Mik! My brother doesn’t seem to be treating his diabetes with the seriousness that it deserves.

      • Furie says:

        Taking a pill every day is easy. A complete change of what you eat though? I can understand how that’d be hard. And it’s not like those changes will cure him or anything so that makes it even harder. Humanity as a species, and us guys especially, are wired to sort out problems when they occur rather than try to prevent them.

      • h82typ says:

        Yeah, he’s had over a year though, to get a handle on this. He is on insulin, his pinky toe isn’t healed yet and his high sugar numbers start where mine end.
        I told him he should get a small tat of “went to market” just above where his toe was.
        He was not amused…

  4. Wow, very dramatic time you’ve been having! Good to read that you’ve had some treatment and that you sound like you are on the mend.

    I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t face it as well as you clearly have.

    All the best to you.

    • h82typ says:

      Thanks, Harry! They tell me that because I’m so young, I should have a good prognosis.
      The people at the Dept. Of Social Services, through the pedants at this place called CHI – where I’m endevouring to recuperate – are trying to undo all the good work that the surgeon and medical staff at two hospitals have done.
      That will be the next chapter! 🙂

  5. Sorry to read that. Just when you could do with a break, too. 😦

  6. What a challenging journey! Here’s hoping next year is better for you

    • h82typ says:

      Thanks for your visit and your good wishes! It gets worse before it gets better, I’m afraid. 🙂
      I’m looking at the right side of the grass, any way 😀

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