This SisterWife

I’m in love with all of them for different reasons. 🙂

The SisterWives

Here’s a story of some lovely ladies.

Who were busy writing blogs and living life.

But they thought that you would like to know them better

So they came up with a quiz, “This SisterWife.”

SisterWives Collage

  1. This beautiful SisterWife wears a tiny stud in her nose.
  2. This sexy SisterWife just signed up for a Pole Fitness class. Yes, stripper pole + fitness = hot.
  3. Be extra careful (or don’t be) when you hug this SisterWife because she might just nibble on your ear when you get close.
  4. When she was growing up, this Sisterwife had an adorable pet chicken named “Dr. Feddy.”
  5. She may have had brain surgery, friends, but this SisterWife has never once broken a bone.
  6. This SisterWife choreographed and danced a routine to Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping on a bar every Saturday night for three months straight.
  7. You can call her “bubbles.” No really, this SisterWife is dying for a…

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Ain't much to tell. I turned 55 in August.
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