Emergency Housing

OK, so the hospital releases me to Social Services (DSS). The first place they send me to is run by the Family Service League, and is called TLC.
So, just FYI, there are a lot of damaged people here. Some physically, some emotionally, some both.
You sleep dorm style – the beds fold up, roll them to the dorm and sack out. In the morning everything gets folded up & put away.
It’s not that noisy, except for the defective ‘kid’ that snores. Sounds like a truck with a Jake brake!  Oh, yeah. Well, wake up is at 630 am, gotta leave for DSS at 745. Spend all day there, well til 3pm, and get a ride back to the shelter. Now I’m not supposed to carry anything heavier than 10 pounds /4.53 kg until cleared by my doctor. This woman -a girl, actually tells me I can’t come back in til after 4 pm. I ask her if I can put my property in a locker. She says I’m not even supposed to be on the property. I have to sit outside until 4:30… Thank God for bureaucrats, eh? This is on Thursday. On Monday I go back to DSS. I state that my medical/ nutritional needs are not being met. I’m supposed to be on a low salt, low carb diet due to my cardiac/diabetic issues.
They send me to this place run by Community Housing Innovations. ( http://chigrants.org/crisis-housing-services/emergencytransitional-housing/ ) The first meeting with the woman that runs the place, a Mrs. Deirdra Wright, she makes a point of stating she is a professional, and runs a “professional house”.  Umm… Not.
  The other ‘clients’ are… alcoholics, drug addicts, felons, so I’d imagine her view of humanity is coloured by her interaction with these people. (That being said, I’ve done more prescription drugs in the past  three months than all my past combined.) Still, it’s not professional to accuse someone of gambling with no evidence whatsoever, much less with video evidence to the contrary. She told one of her other clients that she thinks I drink. The last drink I had was two beers, Thanksgiving 2013.
   She actually made the statement, ” With as many people coming to pick you up, why can’t you stay with them?”  The only two people that have picked me up are my brother and his friend, April.       Well, I’m getting ahead of myself.
  We’re supposed to do chores… The doc says not to lift, carry, push or pull more than 10 pounds. Everything I do causes my chest to hurt. The nurse tells me not to clean anything. Mrs. Wright says no excuses, no exceptions. *sigh* So I was between a rock and a hard place, there.
  We’re supposed to meet twice a week -why, I don’t know – it usually winds up with neither one of us being happy. I have no answers for her, she refuses to give me any. Case in point: we’re supposed to call up various local agencies for ‘permanent’ housing and write down the results. No agency is taking applications. They have a backlog of apps dating back to 2003! DSS gives
me $309 a month for housing. I ask where I’m supposed to find these places. She tells me to look around. I have no idea where to look, I tell her. That’s not my problem, she says.
I actually have walked away. Just walked out of her office, or away from her. She can have her butt on her shoulders, at times.
The last straw with her was my roommate was sanctioned for not going to some appointment or another. He left me the locks and keys for the cupboard and fridge.
  She wanted the keys and locks. I gave them to her. Locked the locks first so I could get everything out, because she’s too lazy to carry them downstairs to her office.
So she’s in her office with another client. I get a delivery from the pharmacy. She comes running up the stairs, and out to the ‘dining room’ where I’m opening up my paper bag full of meds she asks who are those for. I look at her and say,”Me. Would you like the receipt?”
    “You know I do.
That’s it, you’re out of here.”
  I ask her what I did or didn’t do. She says you know what you did. I tell her its obvious that I don’t, as I have asked the question.
So I’m placed elsewhere. 


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Ain't much to tell. I turned 55 in August.
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20 Responses to Emergency Housing

  1. kimmzifoo says:

    What the hell? They can’t legally do that, surely? Just boot you out with no explanation given? And make you do physical labor the contradict your medical instructions??

    • h82typ says:

      Apparently, she thought she could, Kimmie. It gets better. My primary doc is on vacation til 01/14. DSS/Dept. Of Labour mailed a form to my old address, wanting me to fill it out and return it by December 10th. I didn’t get it til the 18th of December. Smh.
      They first graciously allowed me til the 22nd of December. When I called them this morning, and explained that she was on vacation, they extended it to January 16th. *sigh*

  2. sprytely50 says:

    Very unfortunate circumstances for sure. I do hope all turns out for you.

  3. I am sorry. I have had bad experiences with a shelter, too. We had a lovely girl kicked out because she was allergic to bees, like deadly allergic, without an epi pen. She called first to verify that there were no bee hives on the property. They told her there were not. Of course the place is swimming with bees during daylight hours.
    So when she found one in her room she freaked out about it. They were afraid whether of her or of her influence with the county, I don’t know. She was a sort of liaison. So they kicked her out. She was pregnant with a newborn. I miss that girl.
    Good places to call are the Catholic Charities and the Lutheran Social Services when you need anything. If they cannot help you they can always refer you.

    • h82typ says:

      Thanks! I’m hooked up with this place “Options”. No one seems to want to do much for me. I am totally the wrong demographic. The only thing I have is a bunch of medical issues, some of which have not been addressed yet. Catholic Charities is a farce. I have a Lutheran friend, maybe I’ll see if she can hook me up.

      • In the US you can often call 211 from a landline and get referrals. I assume it is still in operation. I found more referrals from nonprofits than I ever did from government agencies, though the county I am in now is on top of things.

    • h82typ says:

      Your girl was a liability. Can you imagine if a bee had stung her? They had to bounce her.

      • I know. She wasn’t the only one, either. It would have been so easy to just tell her the truth in the first place, so she didn’t end up there. But they knowingly lied to fill the bed.

      • h82typ says:

        Not only did they lie, thereby exposing her to a potentially deadly situation, they had to MOVE her again. You have no idea how stressful that is when you’re homeless…

      • Well, actually, I have every idea. Hard to believe there is profit in it, running a shelter, but apparently there is. Especially if the higher ups are skimming.

  4. I live in the UK and am assuming you are in what is considered the richest country in the world. It is not great here but the issue with discharging someone from a hospital is to ensure they have adequate care. And the NHS provides without any private health insurances. Those who work pay National Insurance. It is one way to ensure some safety net for ourselves and those less fortunate.it doesn’t always work but tries…. I hope you have been able to be in a better place and thank you for sharing this insight into your struggle.

    • h82typ says:

      Thanks for the visit,and your comment!
      Our Medicaid program, through the “Affordable Care Act” (colloquially know as ‘Obamacare’) is better than nothing. I’d hate to see the hospital bill, much less the bill for the surgery! As far as a better place, now, yes, marginally. That’ll be my next chapter.
      My main problem was I was out of work,and exhausted my Unemployment benefits, and had just got back to work 2.5 months prior. 3 months is required for eligibility of insurance at most jobs here. I was working through a temp agency that requires 1500 hours @ 40 per week before I’d be eligible.
      Life, sometimes, is a crapshoot. 🙂

  5. h82typ says:

    Of course! It costs $3+K to house someone in a shelter, between staff, admin & food. Even for a day, someone makes money.

  6. h82typ says:

    I would think your system works better, in general, yes.

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